Saturday 25 July 2020

Through Violet Fields

Sometimes the prospect of facing an uncertain future is akin to standing at a high place, peering down into a dark, unfathomable abyss.  Most of us have experienced frightening moments or days like these.  I wouldn’t wish them on anyone.  It can be a struggle to share these things with our loved ones.  When life has felt almost unbearably difficult and our sense of isolation seems beyond repair.  In those moments and days of disconnect we sometimes feel just too damaged.  Beyond the reach of friends, family or passing strangers.  An interior life too intimate or complex to share.  We feel the crushing weight of it all, yet we don’t want to burden those we cherish most. 
   I know exactly how lonely that can feel.
   But I have to believe that some form of healing is always an option, even if available only at a distance.  Perhaps something as simple as the memory of a past kindness.  A comforting word or gesture.  The way someone once held you, or made you laugh.  A kiss that meant so much more than words ever could.  Hold on to those shining points of light, like lanterns in the lost. They can be so guiding, and truly sacred.  A source of real strength.  Often the literal difference between ruin and recovery.  I speak from experience.  Never let anyone convince you that kindness isn't incredibly powerful.  Art, mythology and music have always been those paths of recovery for me.  Healing balms that have brought me closer to God.  I’ve heard it said that our character is our fate.  How we tend the weak and wounded, or don’t.  How we uplift our peers and protect our loved ones, or not.  Yes, Kasi believes in fate.  Of a kind.
   Mira'na, Val'kiir, Yash'aya.
   The way we sometimes circle round to meet ourselves again.  Like angels, or wolves.  Oh, Kara.  I cannot thank you enough.  You'll never know how deeply I treasure your melodies, and your magic.  I hope you recognise the depth of these days and the reaches of your own soul.  There are folk, wise as the hills, who call such depth the lore of the land.  I pray it stirs your intuition and your heart.  I want you to know that I'll never betray your respect, Kara.  Or your affections.  You have so many wonders ahead of you now.  Honing your craft.  Distilling perfect worship.  Reflection and celebration; making music with the instrument of our Father's truth.  Whatever it takes for each of us.  Circling back like a wolf, or an angel.  Because with love nothing is impossible.  Do you see?

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