Wednesday 26 August 2020


It's no secret that Kasi often feels like one of the dead, despite this arduous and seemingly endless life.  I find succour among the kindest of the lost and broken. Dwellers at the occulted edge.  I often speak about never giving up the fight for truth, and I never have.  Even though I've wanted to, many times.  Desperately, with almost every fibre of my being.  Those hideous wraiths feeding on the wounded in this battlefield of living dreams.  This demimonde.  It’s an awful, brutal thing to be fed upon by demons.  I speak from experience, all too real.  Vampiric shadows, forever ravenous beneath the black light of their Mourning Star.  Proximity alone begins to sicken the spirit, no matter how many of these wraiths I bind or slay.  Knife-mouth grin.  Defilement and desecration.  But I stay for my beloved ones.  For my family.  Believe me, friends, the true warrior's path is brutal and exhausting.  
   Even in dreams.
   I’m not the first slave or regent to question all star and song.  Who among us chooses the slain, in the end?  And what of the slain who never wavered?  Those who kept their faith and their honour?  I've seen glimpses, and more.  Raven pale.  Emerald black.  A thing among the trees.  A thing of branch and moss, and strange rains.  Walking and wandering for a thousand years.  Chlorophyll, Elven, Elemental.  The wild one, victorious.  The tempest and her kin.  Do you still think I belong in a churchyard, Fallen?  Have you learned nothing?  I can move quicker than candlelight.  Quicker than hand, eye or glass.  
   Love is like lightning.  
  It can strike when you least expect.  Like Fate.  Thrice-fold, all through the night.  Valour is no paltry thing.  When all is ashes once again, love shall remain.  Carried by the valiant Kiir, across the shining bridge of colours and song.  Reflecting my daughters, brave as snow.  Stronger than iron.  Wise as the clasp of each clan.  Onward to the hall where I still dwell with my Father, even in this earthly flesh.  Tell me, Fallen.  What side of the king's mirror do you think you're on?  Listen closely.  I won't choose for you but I have you in my palm, and always will.  This is what it means to dream.  Love is eternal, and death is nothing without its brighter twin.

Val'Kiir from Raj Sisodia on Vimeo.

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