Monday 19 October 2020

The Lighthouse

 There really are secrets hidden in the sun, my darlings.  The star at midnight.  The mount that shone for worlds around, like the heavens were closer somehow.  I still remember those days. That frightening, magical time.  The laying of hands, the birthing of rivers.  A celestial map for those with eyes to see, written in the night sky.  I am only a herald.  A wayshow.  I'm just a madman who drowned a long, long time ago.  But I speak the truth.  I never lied to you, my cherished ones.  Not about this.  Not about these sacred matters of the heart.  Joshua's sun standing still.  Joshua's moon.  Over the valley of secret names.  Dalen of Isra.  Circle of Ishka. Mount of the First Light.  Half-remembered pieces of the old chronology, made scripture now. The lost history of the shining realm.  The sunken realm.  K'athari Kara, as the old poets and healers blessed.  Yohanan.  Brother, river, mended wing.  But a seeker must come willingly.  A soul has to want to rise again.  To soar, and know.  Temet Nosce.  It matters little of who comes bearing messages if no one is listening.  What does it matter of angels pretending poets if the heart is dead?  Letters hidden in light will remain hidden if no one is willing to read.  So, my darlings, please hear me.  This Land of the Midnight Sun is truly a realm of secrets within secrets.  Sovereignty and songlines.  Kashi may have placed those secrets.  I may have opened these gates and allowed these visions, but I didn't author the essence of the magic within them.  The truth of the heart is something far greater than any of its servants combined.  I’m only a king of dreams.  But, in truth, among the Fields of Heaven I’m a willing servant.  A warrior, in perpetuity.  It’s my life’s work, and always has been.  Because more than anything I want you to know that you are stronger than all your doubts and fears.  I want you to sense it in your depths and feel it in your bones.  That you were always integral and never arbitrary or unloved.  You are still your Father’s child.  Together we are brighter than any form of spiritual darkness, and that's the truth.  John promises you that.  I really do cherish you, my beloved ones.  And if I can I want to help you remember what it feels like to rise.

The Lighthouse from Raj Sisodia on Vimeo.

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