Thursday 4 February 2021


Chalice and thorn, on either side of the waters.  Palms upon the shimmering veil.  That Light may bestow and remove as deemed appropriate.  A higher awareness of causality, and lineage.  Kasi has heard many things said of the cradle and its merchant rivers.  Mouth, and mouth.  Storytellers at the flame. Gaul, Varanasi, Yasha'lem.  And beyond.  Amet'uri thea.  There is no true darkness here.  Not anymore.  Only secret smiles, hidden kisses, and the soothing anonymity of night.  My gentle harbour, I'm with you always.  Re-lighting the holy places. Restoring the old ways.  Climbing my way through your heart. Bless your wild augurs and their workings upon my own.  These fables of welcoming shore, with scent of rose upon the morning valley of Albion.  Passage to the forests of every world, where branches hold the eternal sea.  They are dancing with all our chosen now, as we reach for sanctuary and sky.

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