Thursday 8 September 2022

The Light of Day

Let there be love I would ask, if I could ask anything.  Let there be light I would pray, if I could pray for us all.  Maybe I can.  Prayer doesn’t cost anything.  It is simply a quiet moment between ourselves and our Maker.  I often pray when walking in the evenings.  When the dusk begins to gather.  Blue, indigo and pink take the sky.  Streaks of orange and yellow hug the horizon like a halo for the entire city.  Sometimes, if you pay close attention, you can know what a city is dreaming by studying the sky.  Qualities of the light.  You know, if I could have anything I would have peace.  Not just for myself, but for all.  These are simple dreams and many souls yearn as I do.  We’re like the city that way.  Ancient, like an angel.  Tentative and brave, like a child.  The places that men build are not indifferent.  They reflect us, and shape us.  Stories within stories.  We birth and rear one another all the time.  Did you know that, my friends?  Sometimes we build secrets into the design of each other’s destinies.  Antechambers and passages.  Alleyways, narrow lanes and cobbled streets that are only revealed when the soul has grown wise enough to choose from the vast array of possibility.  Do you think life is predetermined?  Without choice?  Sometimes I see the future but I prefer to think of our lives as the mosaic of all our choices.  A sacred, shining path.  That's what I want for my friends.  For my loved ones.  Peace, light and the ability to chart their own course whilst never forgetting the joy of true magic.  The creativity in everything, like a child at play.  The hidden language of the trees and the whispering wind.  The secret places of the city.  My heart soars when souls notice the murmuring colours, when I watch them studying the sky.

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