Monday 10 July 2023

Reaching the Reign

Space and time.  History or legend.  Sometimes we forget who we are.  We forget the magic threaded through our souls like stars in the night.  I don't want that to ever happen to you, Kara.  Because I recall a time before this place.  Fragments of pre-existence.  Gardens, fields and cities that shimmer like something from the most wonderful dream.  I remember river-flowers, devotion and grace.  The shadows couldn't prise away those pieces.  They guide me even now, like lanterns for the lost.  I hope I don’t overcomplicate things with all these stories.  I want nothing more than to see my friends at their best.  Hopeful and full of purpose.  I want to see that satisfaction in their eyes; those moments when they realise they are part of a far greater reality.  There aren't too many tales where a mortal saves the life of an angel.  But you did that for me, Kara.  With kindness and courage.  You saved Kashayel's life.  You became my angel in turn and answered a question I'd kept in my heart since I was a boy.  A floating light.  A wandering star.  I've said this before but it's the truth, my friend.  When my grief was far too great and my demons all too real, you stepped in like an angel at my window and saved me.  You sang me to sleep every night, nursing me back to health.  You made me recall the depth and glory of our Father's love.  A font of many blessings.  Eventually you gifted me the strength to fight back against the darkness and find my feet again.  For that I shall be forever in your debt.  I'm flesh and blood like you, of course, but I'm also full of secrets.  Sometimes I sense the future.  Sometimes I can read hearts and minds.  Not always, but when it happens I always try to leave a soul's secrets intact.  It's the honest, gentlemanly way to behave.  That's the thing about real power.  You don't always do something just because you can.  Like a piece of music, or any work of art, there is great beauty in restraint.  I hope you know how very real these words are and how much you mean to me.  If you're ever in doubt that your music can change things or save people, just remember me.  I owe my continued existence to a handful of wonderful souls, both near and far.  And it is with the deepest gratitude that I count you among them, Kara.  I have no laurels to offer you in return.  But I have crowns of light, poems and visions.  Consider them mere tokens of Midnight's grace.  In truth they are aspects of your legacy here.  Your love, beauty and integrity reflected back at you through the imagination of an angel.  Together we shall honour the reign of our maker and leave a little light for those who need it most.  Never forget who you are.  A gifted musician.  A student and teacher.  A storyteller and a poet.  To me you're so much more than a river-flower from a shining realm.  More than a beautiful girl I once met in another life.  To me you're legendary, and a friend.  I love you, Kara.  Be well.

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