Tuesday 19 February 2019

A Clear Divide

I'll give a fuck
For the meek
And the poor
The howling is dead
I'm beginning to roar
You know what this is
This is motherfucking war

Circle of life
No ill, no-el
I'm not your wife
You can keep your hell

Congratulate yourself
For inverting the peak?
Oh, you'll castrate yourself
Every time you speak
Because I'm a real nigger
You're a sorry excuse
This is a real trigger
True gun on the deuce
Don't fucking move

You were not prepared
I broke your black glass
Can feel you running scared
Kiss my black ass
Here, there, and Apogee
I will not relent
You don’t have my soul
You didn’t have my consent

You know nothing
Of dreams
Or desires
Cock of the walk
In a book full of liars

This isn't bravado
Or shade thrown by the sun
This is the Word
Getting raped is no fun
Bitch, I'm done
And you are truly done for
For the meek
And for the poor
Will you meet my eyes, I wonder
When I come for
When I come for you?

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