Tuesday 26 February 2019

Forever Seen

My light, shadow
In between
Your aching
Forever Seen
A kiss
For starters
And afters
Claret for the main
My Briar’s thorn
With tongue and temple
I was never so vein
You were

Loving me was deadly
But loving you is king
A loose end
To break my heart
The angel couldn't sing
All Souls
So I tore my eyes
To be with you
And make amends
Strawberry Fields
A thousand loose ends
Blind, obsessed, adored
Making Hell for Love
"Dear God
 Forgive Us"

Then, somehow
A touch of grace
Old friends
Every facet gleaming
All those open eyes
La Petite Sommeil
No wraith shall deceive
This first scent of spring
Where I finally get a chance
To heal you

And mend those bones

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