Monday 5 August 2019

A Thousand Thanks

Mortals sometimes wonder what angels believe, about life or love.  I now walk this earth as a mortal, but I was an angel once.  I still am, in a way.  I can tell you what I believe, being closer to Man than most.  I believe this life is given true value through the love I have offered and received over the years.  From family, and friends.  Those families we're born with if we're lucky, or those families we find along the way.  I've taken more love than I've given, I think, despite my best efforts.  But isn't that so often the way?  We try in earnest to be a light for others.  Still, so many of us are held together by those who cherish us.  Those who give and give because they love us.  Because they're willing to sacrifice to make us stronger.  My heart weeps with gratitude to know this world still has such people.  And there are many of them here.  People who set an example.  People I can learn from.  Those who are willing to break themselves if needs be, to tear themselves apart for their loved ones.
   It’s truly incredible.  
   I see mothers and fathers sacrificing endlessly for their children.  I see friends and lovers doing the same for each other.  I see children sacrificing their innocence and play to bring courage to their siblings, or to ensure their parents health.  It takes my breath away, and makes my heart ache.  That this fallen world is so brutal and unrelenting that it would demand such sacrifice. Usually from the kindest among us.  But the courage and beauty of those souls gives me strength.  It puts my own torments and sacrifices into perspective.  I remember who I'm doing this for, and why.
   I'm doing this for my family.  And let it be known that all those with a spark still lit in their breast are of my kith and kin.  Thank you.  All of you.  You're my reason and my passion and my magic.  I'll keep going.  To see more, to know more.  
   To share more, with you.
   You make me a better man, and a brighter angel.  Beloved ones.  Cherished ones.  I hope you know who you are.  If you can still give and receive love then you are my strength, and the strength of all angels.  There would be no ink nor word without you.  Without your endless love, honour and respect there would be no river or resurrection.  If I’m a light it's only through the difficult work of my brothers and sisters that I shine at all.  Hear me.  My name is Kasi.  Emerald star.  Life, of the Church of the Bright Ones.  These pages are dedicated to my Asha.  But they belong to all of you.

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