Tuesday 17 March 2020


It’s a frightening time for so many right now.  An uncertain time.  I understand that.  But there is a strange majesty that surrounds each human soul. A nimbus of unimaginable power shining through flesh, through thought and deed, usually unseen by mortal eyes.  Often this light passes beneath conscious awareness. But sometimes it rises.  Sometimes it’s recognised. Through creating and sharing art, through challenge, connection or joy.  Sometimes we see it in the smiles of our family and friends.  And for a gladdened moment we remember our eternity.
   Assured, invigorated.
   Sometimes we feel it in the solemn tenderness of dawn, suspended in threshold song between night and morning.  Like a single breath held and drawn out beyond the known.  Hidden things moving in painterly skies.  Deep blues and pinks and yellows.  Dark still dancing with day, courting the living pulse of the rising sun.
   And the heart knows things then.
   Things beyond word, or reason.
   Sometimes, just before dusk, deep in the forest the trees can speak in hidden tongues too.  Branches holding an eternal sea.  Golden light slanting through, suffusing greenest canopies. A wild cathedral of life, whispering evening song to coming colours.  A murmur, almost heard by mortal ears.  
   But not quite.
   And sometimes, in the immense quiet of a dark blue night, silence folds all the sound and bustle of the world into itself.  The sheer gravity of stillness, a sky full of portent and star.   Countless distant suns glinting in the deep of the ever after.  Each of them haloed with unimaginable stories, like ourselves.  Mysteries within mysteries, arcing endless through myriad worlds.  Sometimes this is enough to recall the truth of romance and divinity.  To know that we are more than flesh, or dust.  To know that every single one of us continues.  But sometimes it’s grander and more gentle than all that.  The quickening of faint music heard in the distance, or that look in their eyes.

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