Thursday 12 March 2020

Living Life

There is nothing worse than watching the suffering of those you love.  So many of us have known those kinds of torments.  Too many of us.  Agonies at a distance.  Helplessness by proxy.  The worst part is that most of us would bend Creation itself if we were able, just to spare our loved ones.  Or we would break those laws and rules completely.  Linearity and causation be damned, if we could somehow go back and stop their pain.  A wounded child, an ailing parent, a terrified lover.  Family means everything in the end, by blood or by heart. 
   Live long enough and you realize that love is the only real thing worth a damn.  That truly human, empathic desperation to seek out a miracle.  Not for ourselves, but to spare the ones we love the most.  It's one of the most beautiful things about us, that warrior-spirit.  When we fight so honourably to protect something we deem more precious than ourselves.  Our families, our friends.  But it's usually only demigods, angels and storytellers who are granted that kind of world-changing power; to single-handedly alter the very course of things.  Fictions are often the only solace in a world that seems ever darker.  Chaotic beyond all reason.  I know it hurts, my sweet ones.  I know how scary it can be; those thoughts and visions at the edge.  I've felt that kind of worry too.
   You're not alone.
   I know what it's like, watching helplessly as a spirit or a soul appears to fracture.  Or even an entire world.  Those once shining glories of the mind and heart, now threatened by greed and sinister inhumanities.  Wraith-ravage upon the eye of dark colonies.
   I dull the pain by deeming it fiction, but I once saw my homelands reduced to ashes and sand.  Everything and everyone I ever loved.  A shining realm of prosperity and peace, all lost and burnt away.  A ghost of all light.  But life always finds a way of returning, in the end.  Against all odds.  I know it can be difficult to believe in the throes of suffering, but nothing is ever as it seems.  Things do get better.  Sometimes before death, sometimes after.  Fear is powerful, but it's nothing against the immeasurable glories of hope, knowledge and wisdom.  Such glories transcend the physical, whether you believe it or not.
   The words of a lost, flesh angel might seem little comfort when people are anxious and afraid.  I do understand that, beloved ones.  Just remember, if you can, that life itself is on your side.  It is the very spring and essence of you, your literal source of strength.  Grander and brighter than suffering or fear.  Eternal.  As are you and everyone you love.

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