Friday 15 May 2020

The New Romantics

Hello again, fellow travellers.  Welcome back to Amid Night Suns.  Things are about to change.  It's been a while since I spoke to you all like this.  But these are strange, unsettling times.  I want to address you in a new way.  A more direct, open way.  This site became a nexus of guardianship in the last few years.  It always was, secretly, but changing circumstances called me to be more overt in my task.  I’m very grateful for that opportunity.  Now I want to talk to each of you, in more than angelic script.  It won’t stop entirely – this speaking in ways that are more than human.  I’m not going to pretend, or limit myself.  But I do want to create new space.
   Things are definitely changing, aren’t they?
   I don’t think there’s any way to avoid that now.
   So, I want to expand the scope of my interests here.  Still the winged language, of course.  But also new thoughts and observations.  This site is sacred to me.  A hub of my artistic and spiritual life.  Nothing is going to stop me from walking the holy path of lucid dreaming.  Especially while awake.  That's what I’m attempting, among other things.  Faith in a higher power.  A richer, more meaningful existence.  In the end my work here is just an assortment of digital poetry, humbly offered to the curious traveller.  But maybe with a bit of romance and imagination you might notice hidden depths.
   A genuine spiritual dimension to this Church of the Innermost.
  Therefore, in the coming weeks and months I want to return in new ways.  There is definitely a reason for this new chapter of my life.  There’s always a reason in stories.  I began this blog more than eight years ago, and so much has changed since then.  Amid Night Suns is many things, as I hope you’ve grasped by now.  It's a city of gates.  A love-letter.  A place of living, shifting portals.  I still stand for the principles that drove me to begin this impossible journey.
   Protect the children.  Heal the weak and wounded. 
   Be a voice for the voiceless.
  Those are the tenets of the true Magi, ragged as the first day.  I paid a very heavy price for spiritual integrity.  I’m still paying it.  This is a dark, brutal realm.  Ruled by wraiths, imagined or otherwise.  But it doesn’t matter in the end.  We’re all paying heavy prices, especially now.  This sickening world isn't kind to seekers.  But we never back down.  We hold steadfast to our principles until it kills us.  My artistic imagination can be wild and full of fury.  But that’s because this isn’t a game to me.  I really do care about all of it, and I’ve been through too much now to walk away.
   Like any real warrior of light.
  My friends, there is so much to discover beyond these fallen ruins all around us. Strange, hidden depths.  I pray I've been able to show you at least a glimpse of that true magic, here at Amid Night Suns.  There is little of life's romance without it.  Those beautiful, subtle qualities that inspire the mind and move the spirit.  This will still be a place of angels, and mortals.  Regardless of our provenance life can show us all incredible things.  Art can bring us closer.  Poetry, story and music.  It can strengthen our faith – and with a discerning heart to guide us it is perhaps our wisest path to Heaven.

The New Romantics from Raj Sisodia on Vimeo.

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  1. Dear Raj, this is truly a brutal realm and seekers of beauty and truth based in kindness are road kill. Whatever path you take, I will be sending the love vibrations of friendship to go with you. This is the truth- I will meet you on the far side! Delorus