Tuesday 26 May 2020

The Rising Sky

I used to have this dream, about the sky.  But in this dream the world kept turning upside down and I didn't know if the Earth was rising or falling.  I still have that dream from time to time. Earth trading places with the sky.  An entire world inverted.  Seekers recast as sinners whilst dark forces pose as keepers in the halls of light.  Sometimes, in my waking moments, I peer out into the world and I wonder if my childhood dream hasn't become a kind of reality.  More nightmare than dream.  I would gaze up into what should have been the sky and saw cities inverted.  Skylines in chaos.  Sometimes pieces of that false sky would come crashing down toward me like a slow-motion holocaust.  To be so young and to witness the heavens collapsing is quite frightening and strange.  I understood the dream's potency even then.  Its allegorical power.  But it seemed so real.  Perhaps it was real, in a way.  Kasi would say that wraiths rule this physical realm now, even though his Father is the ultimate authority.  I'm not sure what I would say.  Kasi is an angel.  I'm just a poet.  I only pretend to be an angel, in dreams.  Or I pretend to pretend.  It's difficult to be sure when the Earth keeps trading places with the sky.  I know that messages are holy though, and I definitely bear a message.  So perhaps I’m an emissary after all.  Poetry is an exceptionally dangerous practice to anyone who knows anything about the unseen world.  It's no less dangerous than battling wraiths-cults in the fallen places, with knives of raven-feather and shields of ragged wing.  Rhyme, meter and prose.  Useful tools.  My tools are sometimes half-formed though.  I'm not the best of poets.  Kashi knows far more about these things than I do.  That shining, furious mirror.  But I try my best to meet him halfway.  In the hope that we might reveal beauty, depth and hidden truths together.  I think he has a very similar dream. Above, or below.  Perhaps he isn't sure if the heavens are falling or rising either.  I hope putting vision to choir might help decide the sky one day, God willing.  Humankind has such a shining heart.  So much to offer and create. Our love deserves a chance, I think.

The Rising Sky from Raj Sisodia on Vimeo.

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