Friday 21 December 2018

La Petite Renaissance

Knife in my heart
Gun in my palm
Shine in my kitty
Keeping me calm
They grasped the hilt
Drove it straight through
Don't fucking speak
Unless you're spoken to

Is this heaven?
Is this broken through?
No fucking idea
What this joker's gonna do
Deeper the heart
Blacker the space
Collars and cuffs
Conjugal Grace
Bleeding in your safe place

Oh, Fallen
We will burn you

Her wife is an army
His daddy's a demon
The blood is still holy?
The milk, the sea?
Old flame
Holy terror
Here just to soothe you
Don't fucking move
Unless I move you

This is a threat
A threat and a warning
Crossing the Gate
In the morning

See how they fear us?
Fear not, my wild one

We're just getting started
And Nigh is the End
My touch is true

Oh, Fallen
Teeth of the Alpha
Eyes of an Owl
Sins of the Father?
Or Spear of the Howl?
Know me yet?
I'm just giving you a choice
Yes, it's here for you too
We make things for Love
What the fuck do you do?  



  1. I love and think of you and send you hug vibes. Have a better good year my friend . Snowing here for a white solstice!

  2. Back atcha, Delorus! Merry Christmas!