Tuesday 11 December 2018

The York Rite

I serve and protect
Came correct
While you're living to scorn
Fuck your blood-money
I'm Damien Thorn
Your little blacksites
Where you launder the shit
X, finna, Stan
Trust a Washington bitch?
Are you crazy?

Your brag and hustle
Backed up with no muscle
Let's tussle
You won't catch that
#I'm too subtle
See, I'm tripping switches
You could never boy me
You sick little bitches
Are starting to annoy me

I am Black
Looking pale
On my fabulous horse
Ingram Yggdrasil
That's "Fuck You" in Old Norse
We'll bring the Six
We'll make our Mark
Alex and Delia
Dancing in the Dark

I'm the river, I'm the run
I'm your mother's delight
I'm your daughter's little smile
At the end of the night
We had a lot of fun
And we're planning a sequel
Of the people
By the people
For the people

I'm cooking dream-meth
For those trying to cheat a seeker
You merchants of death
About to meet the reaper
You got bombs, I got scythes
I just do what I gotta do
My love is a kissed
And I'll kissed-fuck the lot of you

This kissed is electric
Bird on a wire
Twinning the sky
And Higher

I'm old school Virginia
You're just hitting the bricks
I've been seventeen since '76
It shall not perish
From the Earth

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