Monday 24 December 2018

Love Is Not Lost

Kay is so much fun 
Juggling a loaded gun 
She falls in love with everyone 
Her poems taste like ashes 
Little Match Girl 

Bought these hands 
So they could lift you 
With nothing left to sell 
I hope the fall isn't going to kill me 
This time 
But is it going to hurt like hell? 

Syncopated death 
Theory of a simulated breath 
I have to fake my regrets 
When my whole world is you 
Ragged star 
Horizon's shade 
All the lovely music we made 
When you finally let me go 

Antics of Rome 
Killer's delight  
A friend who saw 
The hope of sight 
And you finally let me go 
Your little match girl 

You bled between the lines 
I walked between the mines 
We cheated on the signs 
For lovers 
We became our enemies 
At last 
At Prayer 
A Rapid infinity of Light 

Every open eye 
Every facet gleaming 
Mother, father, child 
Still dreaming 
And he was not a monster 
In the end 
You saved me 

Tore himself for his girl 
Lost himself for his friend 
When you finally let me go 
In the End 
My angel 
My star 
My warmth 
Don't ever let me go 


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