Friday 28 February 2020

Bad Wolf

My pretty baby
Is a red hot sun
Oh, pretty baby
Look what Daddy's done
Burnin' creation
Just to steal that wheel
Eyes of a killer
But these hands will heal

Archin' & claspin'
Between these sheets
Stars for my baby
They're just birthday treats
'Cause little Lucy Ulven
Has some big bad teeth
On top, between
And underneath

I'm a full-moon switchblade
You're a howlin' star
Promise & pinnacle
Safe inside this jar
You're inside me now
And I'm inside you
Upside, downtown
Across and right through

My pretty baby
Is the first real church
See, pretty baby?
We're still branch and birch
Dance, pretty baby
At resurrection's edge
Hand on my heart
Still livin' the pledge

Angel for the lovin'
You got hate in a sling
I'm blessed with little deaths
When you're killin' the king
I'll put this barrel to my head
Before I ever let them touch you
Daddy's never done, Fallen
Fuck you

I'll set these blazin' eyes
On the rising sun
Night is just the dawn
Still gettin' some
If light is like the languid
Then let it come
I'll blow it down
And right through

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