Thursday 13 February 2020

Heavenly Creatures

I'm the wolf in Kara's closet
The doctor of the sun
A theorem all to posit
The heart beyond a gun
I'm sacred and the sixpence
Where cloisters bleed the well
New cathedral software
For whom we toll the bell?

I'm delicately violent
Like her and all her friends
Finnish this beginning
To the bitterest of ends
I'm anti, theis, and synth-play
Like sky and blind and grey
An open absolutist
With a little more to say

I'm sisters on the threadwork
A brotherhood of ghosts
Wetware for the mainframe
Flame of brightest hosts
I'm the drums of all my father
My mother's blessed womb
I'm seven billion lonely
Inside an empty room
And I won't let you hurt them

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