Tuesday 23 April 2019


Do you know of what we speak, friend, when we Magi speak of the star?  When Earth is kissed by Heaven?  It is not only one story, but all stories.  A tale older than time.  It dreams us.  He dreams us, in the fire of all that is loving and kind and true.  To return ourselves to the hearts of one another, he did bind us in the deepest covenant, unbroken, so that all may be allowed a choice.  You have been touched by fire, friend.  Animated by the breath of truth itself.  You are of his flesh and his blood, a living image of it.  Know this and you can know all things.  But what is the greatest thing?  What is the greatest strength, the deepest power?  To inspire that greatest strength and deepest power in another?  Is this the true Kiss of Heaven?  Is he not merely in the stars, or upon the cross, or hung on the tree, but kneeled before us all?  Does he lie prostrate at our feet, on Earth as it is in Heaven, palms upturned and bleeding, begging that we find our light?  I can only see so far, but he sees all, and I cry his wisdom in every tongue, as it was in those lost moments upon the edge of time.  I listen to you, my prince of peace, and I am not fooled by these loveless makers of carrion.  I command them in your name, in your many names.  I bend them to the Innermost, till your kingdom is come.  Let the memories of the Councils of All Songs return to the minds of your children, when brother did not slay brother.  When Heaven in All Shapes did live in the hearts of all people.  Let the stolen legends arise, beneficent one.  Out of captivity, into the freedom of warm embrace.  Of all the boundless treasures you gave me, I hold most dearly the memory of your smile and your laugh.  Knowing, saddened and so sweet.  How your eyes shone whenever you saw a soul share a kindness with another.  At your most human then, your most unguarded, and yet I saw the true depth of God in you in those moments.  Forever my message, brother.  Forever my heart.            

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