Friday 19 April 2019

Pretty Things

You're a goth
And I'm a wreck
Just shut the fuck
And cut the cheque
I know my girl's
How she stings
I like to buy her pretty things

She's crazy cute
Stranger's hell
All for whom
We toll the bell
Don't take it all?
Kay, just the tip sword
Cross my heart
And pull the rip-cord

Nitrous in the stick-shift
Lightning in the tank
Winking like I mean it, baby
It's just a lil spank
We dare you
Build a higher gun
Can't you see I'm everyone?
I'm daughter
Of the stranger's sun
Shining like my D

You all kill for comfort
We just kill for fun
Only ever suicide
So kill me when we're done
Infinity, to a lay
She'll explain another day
See, she knows her girl’s
Knows how it stings
She likes to sing me pretty things
And we just crossed your heart.

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