Monday 8 April 2019

I, Ghost

Faint and phantom
Ghost, or Geist
Oh ye of little faith
I told you once
I told you twice
I'm just a little wraith

Giving it all
That dragonball
I saw Michael try
Living the blue
Spinning the hue
Call me cycle fly

Abyssal trench
On the down
I breathe water
Like the Captain's Daughter
I can never drown

Cross and clasp
Writhe and tease
I like to misbehave
I told you all
I'm not the king
I'm his most trusted slave

He's a girl
She's a boy
We like to switch it up
The shit is real
How fighters heal
Every stitch a cut

Open eye
There's lots to do
Can't you hear him sing?
He's the one
That fucks with you
When you're fucking
With the king

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