Monday 8 April 2019

Every Open Sky

Are you?
Is she?
Enough black
Enough white
Flooded shadow
Dusk & light
I think I saw
Her sight

Gatecrash smile
Fingers in the jar
Enough black
To hold a star
In every open sky

It hurts you still
It hurts her too
That's why I'm here
And run right through

I'll fade your wounds
Close her scars
And watch you hold
Your chosen stars

Named the same
Back to front
So each kindness is a crime
Let me hold your inner space
If you can travel time

The obelisk cracked
With blackened kiss
The ends of all our starts
Spiral, sister
This blackened mist
Depends on all our hearts

She bent the light
And named me well
Enough to hold a star

And now
I'm spread beneath
Her feathered tree
And sleep among
Your willow seeds
That sing of myth
And real

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