Monday 4 March 2019

A Darling Bud

Once upon 
Twice upon 
Even in the dark 
Even when the lights are gone 
Her forever kindled spark 
En ways, always 
Find my way to N 
Starlit hilt 
Of the laken place 
When I'm reaching 
For the pen 

We are the light
We are the luck
A rapid infinity
Of don't give a fuck
Blind like a briar
Wish like the ray
Scent of a coming spring
Darling bud of May

Darkest of rooms
Little to do
Garden grown
If love be true

First born breath
Second breath made
See holy ink running
Down the edge
Of the blade?
My girl gets paid

Brothers in arms
Sisters in time
Friends till the end
Partners in crime
None are abandoned
She's me in my youth
Kashi's the driver
Asha's the proof

Third still to rise
I will be with you
Till we open our eyes

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