Monday 11 March 2019


Sometimes, when all you see is violence, predation and psychosis all around you it’s difficult to think of spiritual light as little more than a metaphor; a worn out fairytale.  It’s very easy to sink into all the lies and filth, the claims and counter claims being slung like boulders in this war between the cruel giants and merciless demigods of our world.  For those who think the veil isn’t thinning or lifting, I’d ask you to take another considered look at everything happening in our world.  It’s not merely that the oligarchs and predator-elites are past the point of caring and have virtually dispensed with disguises altogether.  It’s far more than that.  What was once unseen is becoming seen, at a gathering pace.  I believe that spiritual light – however one wishes to conceptualise it – is the insight and wisdom born of gnosis that can help us remain focused and balanced in a realm of shifting sands. 
    Speaking personally, the last few years have been extremely difficult for me.  But I remain in constant communion with my Innermost; that ember of divine fire that dwells in the heart of all sentience.  This secret, imperishable fire has saved my life on many occasions. Furthermore, it has lifted me out of intellectual and emotional darkness, inspiring me to kindness, empathy and a sense of play among my brethren.  I carry a lot of internal scars, but who doesn’t?  The War of Imagination has apparently been raging for many thousands of years, at least through my own eyes.  This light, this divine fire, can be viewed as a purely artistic conceit to those of a rigidly materialist mind-set.  But to others – those who have walked in realms beyond this one – it is an axiomatic principle of all Creation.  But I’ll be the first to admit that this Holy Spirit, this Pneuma, can seem a mere figment when skies darken and monsters seem to cast their pall across the earth.  
    But peering into the smiling eyes of your children, your friends or your lovers, such knowledge eventually returns; that we cannot truly be separated from that vital breath of life, that Love is indeed real.  
  The earth is not merely a kingdom of bones, an endless holocaust of blood and pain and weeping.  The monsters would have it this way, to convince us that human life and human creativity is worth absolutely nothing.  But such entities are not as powerful or all-seeing as they would have us believe.  They cannot sustain themselves on a severed root, a broken circuit or poisoned well, which is why like all vampires of legend they must sustain themselves with the life-force of others – this divine fire and breath and spirit that they claim does not exist.  But all form has a core.  All structure has a centre.  
    That centre is, I believe, infinite.
    There are many names for the Light, many unique perspectives and subtleties through the cultures and eyes of those who witness it.  For me this light is Omreya; an ancient name in a secret tongue spoken by magicians and seers long ago.  Joy, Hope, Kindness, Empathy, Passion, Adventure, Friendship and Love – all these things are of the true light.  All these things are Omreya.  There are those warriors and healers who work ceaselessly to usher this vital flame, in both the seen and unseen.  I pray now that such light may illuminate your path, dear one, and fortify you for the times ahead.  Love is not lost. 

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