Friday 8 March 2019

The Peace of You

Open a fist
Soothing a knuckle
One eye shut
A very brief chuckle
It feels good

Of course you're a knockout
Yeah, I'm timed out on the mat
She put me in a headlock
For a very brief chat
Sweet tunes, bro

Mama's on fire
Dad's keeping guard
People call people
Just gimme the card
I'm not a producer
But I am a designer
Fun and perception
Victoria Regina

It's nicer with a crew
Me dressed as you
Hell of a view
Who's who?
Singing in my sleep
The peace of you

Branches in the earth
Roots in the sky
Love might be late
But we're sure gonna try
The gate's high
Higher than ever

Sitting beside
If you could in my mind
Changing dirt for snow
Hood for the grind
Clearest air
Relaxed affection
It feels nice

Bump fists
Skip and a whistle
Bramble and scramble
Through briar and thistle
We get along pretty well
And there's so much to see
So many you
So many me

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