Monday 4 March 2019


I'm attention
I'm the hugs and kisses
That come with lying to the dead
I'm a first world wonder
I'm the scars and missives
Of the bullet that grazed your head

You are simply nothing
You mean the world to me
And I was singing while you bled
This violent razored halo
The edge can still make angels
And it remembers what you said

You tell me dreams are evil
I tell you dreams are true
Split the difference as we fuck
I am not your equal
My roulette is Russian
Part the thighs of Lady Luck

You say I don't exist
I say you're just a coward
Or perhaps the clay began to rot
I think you're still quite holy
You could prove me wrong now
Show me everything I'm not

I listen to what I'm seeing
I'm your doubt's conviction
I look at everything I hear
A demon caught you dreaming
You kissed his pleasant insight
Finding one last thing to fear

I wrote all your stories
I just make them up
All the wavelengths shimmer red
You think I'm quite the artist
But I'm a fucking hack
I'll leave you bleeding in your bed

I'm a dangerous safety
I'm the wild domestic
All the shadows in your shine
I think you're still quite hopeful
I want you damned courageous
Show me yours and I'll show you mine

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