Thursday 28 March 2019

Save the Queen

Do you see a witch
When you see
A wish?
I don't give a fuck
About fractions, bish
This is algebra
I'm a mathematish

Rewrite the melodies
Of this nonsense town
Home-schooled swimmers
We lay the concert down
White as a ghost
Or maybe chocolate brown

Flotsam & Jetsam
You'll both be next
I don't give a fuck
’Cause my pistol's X
Third day rising, papa
But who's counting?
I live in the trees
And climb the king's mountain

Heard him crying one night
It was practically tragic
This big swinging click
Well, it's practically magic
When we’re not weeping
We like to plan for the future
We hate guns
Anyone could shootcha

These bricks is so nutty
And the angel's pissed
This wine is so dutty
And you won't be missed
My Jones is so Davy
Might be me
My girl is pure gravy
Lock & Key
She stylin'

Fucking with my family?
I'll pull the last resort
Each and every bullet
Is just child support
Mama's a little miffed
And Papa's back from the dead
I don't think you heard
A fucking word I said

Transluminal hegemony
On fleek

Innocence is honoured
Because grace is God's language
And nothing gonna stand
Between me and my sandwich
I won't let you kill every piece of the soul

I'm just a bad little bitch
With a rifle-scope
Tryna take me down
Is a delightful joke
’Cause me and my boo
Makes delightful wrath
My Daddy's lovely
And a psychopath

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