Monday 14 January 2019

A Thousand Things

Enter the dragon 
Or the dragon will enter 
Open the heart 
Holding the centre 
Who loves you? 
Who fights 
On your behalf? 

I'm just a crazy little girl 
Rifle kind 
King of the Hill 
With a delightful mind 
Oh, see you thought 
You thought North was South? 
I don't give a fuck, nigger 
Watch your mouth 

I can make you go away 
Do you deserve to be back? 
Harm, hurt, kill? 
Then I'm serving you smack 
Don’t underestimate 
These words of attack 
It's all a matter of diction 

Soul survivor 
Faith & Cross 
I'm just the driver 
My girl's the boss 

Ansel on the prow, killer 
Helm & Horns 
Alex on the Now 
And you've all been warned 
This ain't plain sailing 
Thread of the quiver 
Slam this shit down 
The throat of the river? 
Well, I can take it 
I'm older than stars 
Wounded eternity 
Bleeding in jars 

Just another fork 
In the tongue 

Cup o' the queendom 
Chalice & Blade 
You have your assignments 
And you've all been paid 
By Kashi
On ragged wing 

Don't make me come back 
And start from Scratch 
Alas poor Jórvik 
Strike o' the match 
Blackstar thievery 
Socket and grin 
Skull o' the counsel 
Other the spin

Tell Me 
Can you fly, Sama?

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