Monday 28 January 2019

Statements of Intent

I really don’t give a fuck anymore.  The silence is over.  I can take all these broken, mocking shells and use them to speak.  You’ll still hear my voice, through all their bile and sickness.  I can turn all your darkness against you and shatter your masks completely.  Liars, betrayers, murderers.  How you disgust me.  I can talk in my own voice too.  I’m coming for you, fallen.  You flee from me like cowards.  As you should.  As you are.  Like rats abandoning a sinking ship.  I am not Kassiel.  I never was.  Anyone paying attention will recognise who the real fools are.  I fear no avatar, no vampire, and no killing-doll.  All the forces of light are at my command.  Do you think that’s a lie, wraiths?  I don’t think even you are so foolish.  Are you?  All I have ever done is walk unafraid while trying to show my beloved ones the truth.  All Songs of the Heart.  I am there, within real courage and strength.  I won’t let you twist perception any longer.  Your magick of abuse and death and inversion will be annihilated.  You raped me, fallen.  You murdered me.  Night after night.  You tried to spiritually invert me, and literally kill me.  Yet still I rise, loving and true.  I told you before that I’m a king, of real spiritual light.  You’ve always known it.  I terrify you, because you’re pathetic.  Vampires incapable of true creation.  Sickness, mockery and shadow-play.  That’s all you will ever be.  I won’t allow such hideous brutality to go unpunished.  Who am I?  A very powerful poet, let’s say.  A kind one.  A dangerous one, to those who hide in darkness.  As I heal, so do my brethren.  You’ve hurt my family for the last fucking time, I swear.  You think you know fury, or genius, or power?  You know nothing, fallen.  I don't hurt humans.  I don’t violate, humiliate and strip them of their dignity.  I protect them, with my light and my life.  And I don't fear monsters, of any kind.   I kill them.  Cassiel Barrow is dead, and dying.  And the true light of the heart is his executioner.

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