Wednesday 2 January 2019

Step One

It's a pity 
But they're still not seeing me
There's just one of you, killer 
And there's probably three of me 
Have you learned to drive? 
Foreplay starts early
If you wanna survive

This is broke brick 
And your bitch ass is lazy 
Fuck your civil war 
I'm still driving Miss Daisy
Yeah, she loves me too 

There's a magic to the grind 
And the sky's the limit 
Seven on the cat 
When I decide to skin it
Bitch, I'm already in it
I took one for the team
Just ask Delia 
We're shooting stars, baby 
Mi Familia 

I say and do shit 
That you're afraid to say 
USAF, hoes 
I was made this way 

Violence is ugly 
But courage is pure sex 
I been running trains for change 
And you're next 
I don't think you realise 
The kinda shit you're in
Watch you with my real eyes
Magic blacker than her skin

Rewrite the inversion 
It's now or never, right? 
Fortify the nest
Boxing clever 
Catch me if you can
But I rhyme in 4D 
Angel with the midas touch 
Poor me 

Or what you think 
You saw me?  

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