Thursday 3 January 2019

All Hallows

Oh, Fallen
This Ship of All Hallows
And fellows who steer
My crow's nest is wild
Keeping us clear
On these seas
And the seven
My dear...

Little Billy Xmas
Goat is on the bluff
Had enough of your bullshit
Voiceless singing gruff
Pieces of Eight
Oh, we'll huff and we'll puff

Truly, we'll blow your fucking house down
Rolling Stone, honey
Papa was always house proud
Call me the House Frau
I sometimes get around
I can bend this backwards
Kassi never makes a sound

Missing my sugar
Tongue on the phylum
Please ready a room
At that soul asylum
Kingdom and Class
We set sail

Little ol' Kay
Bringing the fun in
These grounds are the seas
And I hit the ground runnin'
I'm done with your smoke
I'm breathing the morning
Fresh as a Daisy
Consider the warning

These Colours are Rising

Fuck your "democracy"
You lie and you cheat
This is a monarchy
Keep it complete
Working so hard
These wounds have got blisters
I’ll let you share the crown
If you raise up your sisters

Father knows better
He learned from his mother
The crown's a lot lighter
When you're keeping your brother

When I speak of the light
I'm just praising my wife
I'll play Russian Roulette
To save a child's life
But silver bullets won't kill me
They'll just fuck me up
Long John, baby
She's made of the stuff
True Love

Howling, many tongues

Beware those fathoms
The plank ain't so jolly
Third eye shine
You ain't as Pretty as Polly
So sit and spin, bitches
I'm beginning to cycle
See all these switches?
Amma's deus
On the Michael

Kay sends you
My Grace

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