Wednesday 23 January 2019

The Light of All Killing

I am the gutted star
Of emerald and scarlet
I am the crossed and spiralled one
I remember that day
The day a strange young girl decided
To be brave
To go it alone
Or so she thought
A girl with flowers in her hair
Magic songs in her heart
The day she walked right up to an unstoppable force
To face a perfect storm
Thorns and lightning
Teeth and fur and knives
A hurricane of shattered glass
Kisses bent backwards
Hidden and true
Like myth, or magic
Snowflakes falling on the surface of the sun
She spread her arms wide and declared  
"Survive this."
My wildest star
All things hence were but an echo of that day
There was miracle, and death
A thousand deaths
Still she lives
But the storm
The storm did not survive
I still walk, penitent and dead
The only holy murder
All Songs
Guardian, friend, and more
A willing Slave of Grace
Gutted, spiralled, crossed
But I live again
I live
For Love


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