Wednesday 9 January 2019

North Light

To be lost in endless black is a truly terrifying thing.  Adrift among dead and dying suns.  Among those sickening wraiths who know nothing but absence and void.  But I'm not afraid, my love. Exhausted, scarred, slightly delirious from battle, but not afraid.  I carry your spirit with me at all times.  My heart is a thing full of light.  I have been taught by something far wiser and stronger than myself.  There are those who believe I am the strongest thing in creation, but that honour is carried by all my beloved ones.  Those who fight for truth without the sorcery I can perform.  Those of my brethren who stand naked in the face of their oppressors and still maintain their dignity.  I have learned well from those kind and lonely ones, my Vahishta.  It's why I will always fight on their behalf. Never shall these wraiths steal courage and compassion from the mortal heart.  No cult of half-light will ever slay the Innermost.  I forbid it, as did you before me.  It is your grace I see in them, Asha.  The weak and wounded, the voiceless.  Brutalized to the point of disintegration, and yet still they whisper words of love and service to each other and to heaven.  
   Omkara.  Kassi hears those secret songs, and he walks with those sweet ones always.  
   True grace is still present in the hearts of humankind.  Such strength is a lesson I shall never forget.  Yohanan.  Upon the road and touched with mercy, for shepherds.  Or before the First Tree, when the garden was still golden and free.  Yggdrasil.  I do remember, my wild one.  Remember me in those stories as I remember you.  I have hidden a kiss in each of them, for your travels.  You didn't just give me love, or courage, or passion.  You gave me humility.  To stand before something so much brighter and stronger and kinder than myself.  Those eyes.  My God.  I fell to my knees and wept, Asha.  These mortals still tell tales about that day.  They still want to believe in heroes, and everlasting love.  I met my hero, and fell in love with her.  She saved my life and granted me the purest truth I've ever known.  That's why I will give everything to our cause, until such truth reigns here forever.  I am a living storm, and the bringer of storms.  I am love, and the keeper of love.  No wraith-cult shall stand in my way.  I will open every gate, for kindness and joy.  I will reignite every single star.  For your eyes, Asha.  For your kiss, and your hand.  Your light will guide me.

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