Tuesday 29 January 2019

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I risked the wrist
To palm the nail
I'll kill the crow
To calm the sail
As I am tossed upon the hill
His sea of skulls

Oh, I signed her name
Before I was slew
I wore her dress
And wisdom too
Still do

Till death
Till death torn apart
Born from womb
Or work of art?
So they say

Why do the innocent suffer?
Why do the cruel ones prosper so?
Everybody's a critic
With nowhere left to go
Wraiths, so idle
Dressed in slavery chic
In translation
Mere negation you seek

Because stupidity
Because greed
Because monsters
Seen and unseen
Oh, they see you now

Don't mind my open throat
It's just my birthday ribbon
Everyone loves a girl gone bad
Don't they?
Surely that's a given?
I signed her name
Before I was slew
This is just the beginning

There are lions in the temple
Lights beneath the bed
Ghosts among the boundary-stones
Living in your head
In your head
In your fucking head

A murder of crows
A ruined, bleeding nest
An ocean like mirrored glass
A holocaust at rest
We stand for something more
I'll kill the thorn
For Love

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